The Women of The Plains 

When one thinks of an Orc, they often picture a brutish man with a large weapon and very ill tempered. Perhaps in the olden days, this would be a little closer to the truth, but in the times when the Orcs were mastering the Steel Fist and welcoming it into their culture, this would be the furthest thing from the truth. 
Humans landed on the south western most part of the Kallen Dor, and were attacking smaller tribes to push them away to form their own lands. As fate would have it, in their efforts to expand they came across a tribe that seemed to be only women and children. Thinking this would be no challenge at all, only 2000 Humans were dispatched to face this tribe. 
As it would happen, when many of the boys become men, it is customary for them and their fathers and elders to travel all of Kallen Dor, to see what they are meant to fight for. The women and children left behind were by no means as defenceless as these Humans wanted to believe. 
Among the ranks was a woman who wore the leather armour of her father, known as Ferraka, and with her was none other than Elder Marvaa, a War Mother! 
When the humans came in threatening harm to the children and women, the women simply ushered the children to the huts to play. “There is not a man among you, what hope do you have against our forces?” A Human shouts out, taunting them. 
Ferraka couldn’t help but laugh and looked to Marvaa with a smile. “Poor fool. Does he think only the blade of an axe is dangerous?” The Human marched up to her and demanded she explain this insult. 
“Oh, its very simple. The blade of an axe is dangerous. But an axe lying on the ground is less so. So what makes an axe dangerous?” She asked, and before the man could even think of an answer, Marvaa swung a mighty back hand, catching the man in his jaw and snapping it. 
As the man held his jaw together Marvaa stepped past him and looked to the others. 
“I see 2000 warriors. I will give you no insult here, but instead I offer you the wisdom age has afforded me. We are but 1000 women in your eyes. But every one of use was born with a spear or axe in our hand. They are not decoration. We have learned to fight from our fathers, to protect our homes and our children. You may kill a great many of us, but you will not win. We have fought greater wars, and seen our share of blood and corpses. So come, if you wish to see how an Orc fights. I’ve seen enough war that one more will mean nothing to me.” 
The Humans were agitated by this, but when Ferraka stepped forward with Marvaa, the whole tribe stepped forward. Then another step, and then one more. Before the fourth step was made, the Humans stepped back, sending only one man forward to collect their leader. The Human thanked them for their mercy, and soon they disappeared. This event actually triggered the modern rumour that there are no genders in Orcs. “There are no male Orc warriors, nor female Orc warriors. There are just Orc warriors. 
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