Japure The Mighty  

“Some people do not need to change as much as others… At least, what is needed to change cannot be done with magic.” -Alanthe 
The Simia were among those that barely needed to change to become frightfully powerful, and among them one name is known to all- Japure! 
Powerfully built, Japure enjoys the duties of protecting the tribes with a hint of zeal. Born late after Alanthes sacrifice, he was gifted a Blood Crystal early on as a reward to his passion and strength. Japure is one of the first names called when the Elandri are threatened, and often it is joked the last name called as well. 
When Japure enters the battlefield, his foes will know true power… Not just his formidable strength, but the fact that Alteration magic only further increase his might. 
A lone Orc warrior was travelling Tiberium, seeking to improve himself and find worthy challenges, found himself at the edge of the Elandrian Territory. 
Others had warned him against entering the lands, as he would be viewed as a trespasser. The Orc understood this, but believed the only way he could truly grow stronger was to face the strongest warriors, and that warning only convinced him that a worthy challenge awaited him! So he pressed on into the territory. 
Sure enough, the Orc was viewed as a trespasser and was challenged by many Elandri warriors. However, while he never slayed a single one, he was viewed as incredibly dangerous. So much so that Japure was sent in to deal with this incredible threat. 
When Japure arrived and met the Orc, he couldn’t help but be excited at the possibility of fighting someone that would challenge him.  
The Orc certainly did just that. For hours the two traded blows, taunting each other, and even pulling punches to playfully disrespect their foe. The battle lasted all of eight hours when the two finally found themselves utterly exhausted and forced to rest. The Orc, having been pushed to his limits in a rare challenge couldn’t help but laugh in pure joy, a laughter that was shared by Japure who delighted in this fight. 
“Japure, had there been more warriors like you in my land I would never have wandered for a worthy fight!” 
“If there had been more warriors like you in my land, I would have never met you.” Japure said with joy in his heart, breathing heavily. 
Japure still believes that the Elandri are better off left alone and without influence from the outside world, but he relishes the idea that there are others out there that long for nothing more than a test of their own strength. While he will not seek them out, he does look forward to the days they come to find him. 
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