Elder Marva, the Last War Mother

£55.00/collectable figure

Elder Marva, the Last War Mother
90mm tall excluding base



“The path of a War Mother is to bring life and death in equal measures. I have not forgotten this. I just added more to it.” - Elder Marvaa when asked if she ever misses the old days.

One of the last true war mothers, Elder Marvaa travels the realms of the orcs teaching the new ways to her people. There are no Tribal barriers for her and she is accepted and welcomed among all the orc tribes, bringing with her the wisdom she has gained through her travels. Her mission now as she grows old is to teach and nurture the younger orcs. But when the time is needed for battle, she will always be found at the front where the fighting is the thickest.

Box art by Pascal Rooze

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